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Wine Trends are a result regular and subtle changes in our perceptions about wine, where and when we consume wine as well as changing wine styles.  Successful wineries listen to the customers and are aware of changes taking place in the market.  We as consumers are

Scientists have developed a new device that could revolutionise how we order wine, giving drinkers personalised wine blends on demand.   Vinfusion, the name of this new invention, is designed to serve the glass of wine you want every time. For many drinkers ordering wine can be a

To discover new wine regions is one of the most enjoyable aspects of wine.  To only drink wines from the best known regions is similar to eating in the same restaurant over and over again. Safe but without the joy of discovering something new and

Cool Climate Wine is a term that we are becoming more familiar with when talking about wines of the world.  The planet is getting warmer and consequently growers and winemakers from Argentina to Australia to Spain are looking for cooler areas to grow grapes as

World Wine Trends These are exciting times in the ever changing world of wine.  New producers and new regions emerge each year while traditional producers work to improve their wines.  Wine drinkers are becoming more adventurous, knowledgable and prepared to try new wines.  My resolution for