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Oak is a term that is fixed in the vocabulary of wine. Everyone is familiar with it, however, the term ‘oak aged’ is very

Aprende a catar vino y te aseguro que disfrutarás mucho más bebiéndolo. Es igual que aprender algún deporte. Piensa, por ejemplo, en el golf

Why is it that many wine drinkers feel they have to give their opinion about a wine, a region or country which, most of

Drinking chilled red wine during the summer is a nice alternative to whites or rosés and gives you the opportunity to taste wines made

The ‘new normal’ has meant that many of us have had our summer travel plans cancelled. I was planning to visit vineyards in Greece

How important is the vintage? It is both very important and not so important, depending on the region and the style of wine

You may think of wine as being very traditional not ‘cool’. Over the last few years wine has been completely outshone by beer as

I was asked by a reader if it matters what sort of wine to use to cook. It is a good question and

I received a message on Instagram asking which wines are best to accompany asparagus. It was a good question because there are foods that

Quite often I hear comments about wine that people believe to be true but are in incorrect. Here are some of the most common