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There is a new generation of grape growers around the world making wines in their garages, hence the name Garage Wines. Traditionally small growers sell their grapes to a local winery or cooperative, where they have the facilities to make and store wine. This trend

Wine Tourism is growing all around the world. It is an increasingly important source of revenue as well as being the perfect way for wineries to meet their customers, converting them into brand ambassadors

The hysteria that surrounds a wine receiving a Parker score in the high 90’s is the wine equivalent of winning the lottery. The €300 billion global industry is hugely influenced by the opinions of one person and his team. The reputations of top wineries can

Last weekend in Requena I attended a celebration to mark the end of the grape harvest where the last bunches were picked from the 2017 harvest. The band of the Sociedad Musical Santa Cecilia de Requena played and the children dressed in traditional outfits