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New world Pinot Noir perfection

New World Pinot Noir Perfection can be found in Marlborough New Zealand and Oregon on the northwest coast of the USA and as luck would have it there are Pinots from both places in the new selection of wines available at TheWinePlace.es

Pinot Noir is one of my favourite grape varieties.  It is a grape that can be wonderful but at times very frustratingly poor.   Outside of Burgundy the finest Pinot Noirs in the world can be found in Oregon and Marlborough.  Other regions also produce excellent wines from this fickle variety; Yarra Valley in Australia, Napa Valley in California, South Africa and Chile.

If you like Pinot then you are in for a treat.  I have chosen two really nice wines; Omero Cellars Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA and Yealands Estate Pinot Noir from New Zealand.  Wines that are distinctive in style and both world class.

Willamette Valley, Oregon

The wine I have selected is from Omero Cellars in Willamette Valley, a winery that is producing some truly amazing Pinots. The vineyards and all aspects of winemaking following biodynamic principles, which is not easy given the local climate in the Pacific north west.

Oregon Vineyards and Mount Hood

Oregon Vineyards and Mount Hood

It is said that if Napa is the Bordeaux of the USA then Oregon is Burgundy.   Like Burgundy the quality and style of vintages can vary greatly due to the weather.  We tend to think of wine growing regions being bathed in long days of summer sunshine for the grapes to reach their optimum ripeness.  But in Oregon this is not always the case, it can be very wet and cold particularly in Spring.  Summer mornings will often see the Willamette Valley, from where our wine comes from, covered by a blanked of fog which burns as the sun warms the land, consequently south facing slopes, where the Omero Cellars have their vineyards, are preferable.  As with other places where weather plays a major factor in determining the quality of the vintage, you can get some truly sublime wines but you need to be careful when selecting.

I am really impressed at how Chad Stock, the winemaker at Omero Cellars, manages to get such subtle yet powerful flavours and perfumed aromas with a touch of earthiness.

Marlborough, New Zealand

Yealands Estate was the first winery in the world to be awarded the Carbon Zero Certificate.  Everything aspect of their winemaker is based on sustainable wine production.

Marlborough, New Zealand is better known for producing the best Sauvignon Blancs in the world but it is also the home of some of the finest Pinot Noirs. The Marlborough area, unique for it coastal climate and rich mineral soil, is divided into three valleys, the Wairau Valley, Awatere Valley and the South Valley.  The wines from the Wairau Valley tend to be ripe and more fruity in style, due to the warmer climate and richer soils while the wines from the Awatere Valley are leaner more mineral and herbal in character, due to the cooler temperatures, drier climate and poorer soils.

The winemaking team at Yealands is lead by Tamra Kelly Washington, really do make some of the finest Pinots to come out of New Zealand.  Yealands Estate Pinot Noir is a bright, ruby hued wine with aromas of black cherry, violets and savoury spice on the nose. A fleshy palate with notes of plum and spice, silky tannins and a firm finish.

Food Recommendations

With the Yealands Estate Pinot Noir, Roast Chicken with glazed carrots, parsnips and roast potatoes would be an ideal combination.

Duck is a classic dish to pair with Pinot Noir, particularly the Omero Cellars.  You could also try it with a mushroom risotto.

Both wines goes great with cheese.

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